Women's Plus Size Jackets and Blazers

Top off your look in style with a Rafaella plus size jacket or blazer that layers perfectly with any outfit. Clothes that fit and flatter.

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It's not just about business professional anymore. Skip the matching suit pants and grab a pair of jeans for added casual style points this time around! Pairing a plus size blazer with your favorite dress makes it feel like something totally different - attention grabbing without being overwhelmingly fancy. ...

Tips For Styling A Blazer
The key to styling plus size blazers is all about balance. You want something underneath that will provide structure but not be too restrictive, like fitted jeans and skirts or dresses with empire waistlines (which you can layer for extra warmth). For an office-ready outfit during these chilly months try throwing on one of our oversize jackets!
You can take your typical office look from drab to fab by adding a splash of color with a blazer. Pair it under plain shirts and suits, or throw on some jeans for casual Friday! A little extra starch goes miles in making crisp clothes fit more comfortably than they did before you bought these new pieces—no need to worry about wrinkles anymore when all eyes will be on how great YOU're looking today ;).

What About Color?
You know what they say: blacks and whites can be boring, but it's the perfect starting point for your interview wardrobe. If you're looking to make a statement or have some fun with fashion this year during interviews then go ahead and try out color! Women's plus size blazers come in fun colors to give any standard business casual look an upgrade. Women’s casual blazers come in tons of different styles whether cropped jackets with no sleeves (perfect if interviewing at an office) or long ones that cover every inch from neckline down past hips - there really is something here just right for your fashion situation.